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Using Essential Feng Shui® best practice, we will: 

  • Make recommendations to improve energy flow throughout your space.

  • Evaluate the various expressions of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water in your home to help you create a more balanced and peaceful environment. 

  • Identify ways to enhance the specific areas of your home or office related to wealth, relationships, career, health, family, wisdom, creativity, and travel. 

Get Your Chi Flowing 


Chi—the life force energy that flows through all of nature—is one of the most dominant “unseen” forces affecting your vitality. One of our first priorities is to assess the way your space attracts, welcomes, and invites positive chi to flow freely into all areas of your environment. Chi flow focuses on furniture placement, balance in terms of scale, yin/yang dominance, as well as issues of clutter. This free flow of energy impacts your state of mind and your ability to manifest your highest good in areas of your life that are most important to you. 

Find your balance


Feng shui honors the power of nature to create balance in your life as it is expressed through the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.


Much like the Goldilocks story, we strive to give you the ahhhh experience of feeling more comfortable and relaxed when the elements in your environment are in balance. For example, a dominance of the wood element creates a feeling of overwhelm. Adding metal (via color, shape, or metal itself) to a wood-dominated room would create a more harmonious relaxed feeling.


Our ability to balance the elements in your environment results in a strong psychological shift in your overall state of happiness and prosperity.

Unblock your Highest Good

Your environment holds various types of energy related to specific areas of your life. Much like the chakras in our bodies, these areas can become blocked when they are not “nurtured.” For example, your love and relationship area needs the fire element to keep the flame of passion alive in your relationship. You don’t want to put a water feature there! Your love area thrives when there are pairs of objects that represent partnership or when other symbolic representations of love are on display. Let us help ensure you are honoring the most significant aspects of your life such as wealth, family, love, health, career, creativity.

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