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Receive a double dose of intuitive, knowledgeable expertise. With the same names, same birthday—both Leos, and decades of friendship, there is a synchronicity between us that elevates the effectiveness of our work.  Our experience includes consulting in a wide variety of settings and environments—commercial offices, retail businesses, homes, and landscapes of all sizes.

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Pamela "Flow" Mathews  & Pamela "Harmony" Hiss 

Aside from Feng Shui, other shared passions include family, dogs, river walks, camping, gardens, wine, Joni Mitchell, and second husbands—not in that order.

Practical, Holistic, and Fun

As graduates of the Western School of Feng Shui™, we use the most practical yet powerful essential principles of feng shui. Our master teacher, Terah Kathryn Collins, developed an approach called Essential Feng Shui® which honors traditional Chinese feng shui while adapting it to modern Western lifestyles. This means our recommendations are custom-tailored to your individual tastes and lifestyle rather than classical Chinese "cures" and complex mathematical formulas involving a compass. We also emphasize a holistic approach by recommending the use of organic materials and sustainable practices to elevate the energy in your home or business. Beyond what we bring in terms of skill, we are known for bringing fun to feng shui!  Laughter promotes good energy!

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Create the environment

you deserve.

Use the power of feng shui to transform your life.


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